Public Records Request

How do I make a Public Records request?

All requests for public records should be directed to the City Clerk’s Office. Requests for public records should be in writing and should be as specific as possible. While it is not mandatory to make a formal written request, having a completed Public Records Request Form allows the City Clerk’s Office to respond in a timely manner.

You can submit the form to the City Clerk's Office via email, fax, or submit a hard copy to City Hall.

Who can initiate a Public Records request?

Anyone may initiate a request for public records.

What type of information can I request?

Public Records requests may be used to obtain “agency records,” which include a wide variety of documents and other materials (including print, photographic, and electronic formats) that were created or obtained by a city agency and are, at the time the request is filed, in the department’s possession and control. The Public Records Act excludes certain categories of records from disclosure, including materials related to internal agency rules, proprietary business information, inter- and intra-agency communications that are protected by legal privileges, and personal privacy.  

The City Clerk's Office is happy to assist you in identifying the records that will help meet your needs. Some commonly requested items include:

  • Agendas and Reports
  • Ordinances
  • Resolutions
  • Contracts and Agreements

How soon must a city agency respond to my request?

A city agency receiving a request for documents under the Public Records Act has ten days in which to respond to the request.

How much will I be charged for my request?

Fees for copies are ten cents per page, unless the requested document has an established statutory fee.  If the record is available in electronic format and you have requested it be emailed to you, there is no charge.

How does the City maintain its records?

The City Council adopted a Records Management Policy that established procedures to control the orderly creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposition of City records, based on State and Federal statutes governing public records. It  assists the City in ensuring a responsible program of records management is practiced and documented from creation to disposition in accordance with the law and in the best interest of the City and the general public.  Part of this Program includes a day dedicated to records management and annual updates to the retention schedule to ensure continued success of the program.