Electrical service in the City of Los Alamitos is provided by Southern California Edison (SCE). For more information visit the Southern California Edison website or call 800-655-4555. To report a power outage, call 800-611-1911.

Edison SmartConnect is the new smart metering system. Approximately 5 million of SCE's residential and small-business customers are getting new, smart meters in place of older, mechanical meters.

Refuse & Recycling Collection

The City contracts with Universal Waste Systems Inc. for refuse and recycling. For more information contact Universal Waste Systems Inc. at 562-941-4900.

Rossmoor / Los Alamitos Sewer District

The Rossmoor/Los Alamitos Sewer District maintains all common sewer lines, which are the main lines that run down the center of the street. The District is responsible for the cleaning, inspection, repair, and maintenance of the main sewer lines. For more information call 562-431-2223, Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm.

The District's 24-hour emergency response line is 562-431-2223.


Golden State Water provides water service in the City of Los Alamitos. They are located at:
10852 Cherry Street
Los Alamitos, CA 90720-2444

Please visit the Golden State Water Company website for more information. For 24-hour customer service or emergency service, call 800-999-4033. For TTY hearing impaired, call 877-933-9533.

Utility User Tax Rates (UUT)

Utility User Tax rates are established by Ordinance of the City Council and codified in the Los Alamitos Municipal Code (LAMC). The LAMC can be viewed online here:  http://qcode.us/codes/losalamitos/

  • Cable Users Tax - 5% (LAMC 5.20.040)
  • Electricity User Tax - 6% (LAMC 3.20.080)
  • Gas User Tax - 6% (LAMC 3.20.090)
  • Telecommunications User Tax - 5% (LAMC 3.20.070)
  • Water User Tax - 6% (LAMC 3.20.100)

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