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1. How can I submit a request for service to the Public Works Division?
2. My street light is broken. How do I get a street light fixed?
3. What if a traffic signal at a particular intersection is not working?
4. How do I get graffiti removed from public right-of-way?
5. My sidewalk is raised and I would like to have it repaired. What should I do?
6. How do I get my parkway tree trimmed?
7. I would like to have a tree in the parkway planted/removed. What should I do?
8. What trees are approved for parkways?
9. What if I have a concern about a traffic safety matter in my neighborhood?
10. I need some traffic count information for a particular street in the City of Los Alamitos. Who should I contact?
11. What flood zone is the City in?
12. What Companies are permitted in the City for large bin services?