Construction and Demolition Waste Services (Temporary Roll-Off Containers)

As your solid waste service provider, Universal Waste Systems (UWS) is committed to providing residents and businesses with exceptional services while fulfilling your solid waste service needs. In addition, UWS is also the sole service provider for the rental of temporary roll-off containers for all residents and businesses in the community. 
UWS - dumpsters
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's): 
Past practice provided three company options for the rental of temporary roll-off containers, is this no longer the case? 
That is correct, as of January 1, 2022, UWS is your sole service provider for solid waste services, including the rental of temporary roll-off containers. 
What options are available for roll-off containers? 
Temporary bin services includes but is not limited to various sized grey, blue, and green containers. To learn more about your options that suit your needs best, please contact the UWS customer service team at (800) 631-7016. 
Do I need a City permit for the rental of a temporary container from UWS? 
No, a City permit is not required for your rental from UWS as they are your sole permitted provider for this service. 
What if I want to use a different company? 
At this time, UWS is your sole franchised service provider for solid waste services, which means that the use of another company's temporary bin service is not permitted. 
When are temporary roll-off containers used? 
Temporary trash containers are ideal for disposing large amounts of trash, when moving or cleaning out the garage, removing large trees, small construction or remodeling projects, or any other short-term endeavor. 
What if I am unsure about what size best suits my project? 
To learn more about what may be the most suitable container size for your project type, please contact the UWS customer service team at (800) 631-7016. 
How can I find out the cost for a container? 
To learn more about the cost for a temporary container based on size, please contact the UWS customer service team at (800) 631-7016. 
Can the temporary roll-off container be placed on the street? 
Yes, as your only service provider UWS roll-off containers are allowed to be placed on the street. Please note, the container must not impede public right-of-way access for vehicles or sidewalk areas for pedestrian access. 
Can I place a temporary roll-off container from another company on the street? 
No, the only permitted provider for this service is UWS. 
Can I have the temporary container placed in my driveway? 
Yes, so long as the container is not impeding public right-of-way access to the sidewalk.