Apply for a Job

You can visit the City of Los Alamitos Employment Opportunities page to view all available jobs and access employment applications.

Apply for an Alarm Permit

  • Alarm permits must be renewed each calendar year. New alarms are $58.00; renewals are $26.00; and senior citizens age 65 and older are exempt, providing that no business is being conducted at the location.
  • False alarm fees, per calendar year: the first three are at no charge. All false alarms thereafter, through the end of the calendar year, are $208.00 each.
  • The first false alarm call for unpaid renewals is $208.00 each.
  • Alarm permits may be suspended, revoked, and/or police response discontinued.

Fill out the 2024 Alarm Permit Form and send payment with the form to the Los Alamitos Police Department. Please direct any questions to Department Secretary, Veronica Wilson at 562-431-2255, ext. 401, or

Apply for Residential Parking Permits 

Parking permits are required for all vehicles parked on streets posted with signs indicating permit parking only. Vehicles without permits may be cited and/or towed. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to have the parking permit displayed properly on the vehicle (LAMC 10.24.070).

To apply for a resident parking permit, applicants must provide proof of residency (acceptable documents are a rental agreement, escrow papers, utility bill, driver's license, or vehicle registration). Each adult resident must apply for a permit for his/her own vehicle; no one person may apply for parking permits for an entire household or for vehicles not registered to him/her. Upon completion of this application, verification of residency, and verification of vehicle ownership, you will be provided with the appropriate number of Resident Parking Permits for each of your vehicles along with Guest Parking Permits.

Please fill out the Residential Parking Permit Application (PDF) and bring proof of residency to the Los Alamitos Police Department to obtain the permit(s) and guest parking permits.

Apply for Ride-Along

The Los Alamitos Police Department Ride-Along program offers individuals aged 15 years or older an opportunity to ride-along during a patrol shift with an officer. Please fill out the Ride Along Application (PDF) and submit it to the Los Alamitos Police Department along with identification.