About Us

Mission Statement

Under the direction of the City Manager, the responsibility of the Development Services Department established the physical development of the Community through two divisions, Community Development and Public Works. Through these divisions, we establish the long range vision for the City of Los Alamitos and to maintain the mechanisms to guide physical development to promote livability, aesthetic value, and economic development. The Development Services Department shall also plan, design, operate and maintain the public infrastructure including streets, street landscaping, parks, storm drains, buildings, vehicles and equipment and to safely, efficiently, and effectively protect the City's physical investments through periodic maintenance, replacement and repair of all assets, thereby providing a safe, clean, and pleasant environment for the public.


Maintain and implement the City's General Plan as a long-term visionary document to guide City decision-making that benefits residents and businesses, while improving the quality of life in Los Alamitos.

Neighborhood Preservation (Code Enforcement)

Code Enforcement provides enforcement of the City's Municipal Code as it relates to neighborhood and community issues.

Building and Safety

The Building and Safety Division provides services to the community in their building and development projects. The City of Los Alamitos, (and other Orange County Cities) operate municipal storm drain systems and discharge stormwater and urban runoff pursuant to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits.

Public Works

The Public Works Division is responsible for maintaining the existing public infrastructure, City vehicles and construction equipment.


The Engineering Division is responsible for the managing, programming and implementing the City's Capital Improvement Program, and seeking funding for all projects.