Street Sweeping

No parking tickets are issued on the 5th Tuesday and Friday of the month. Street sweeping will be attempted, but parked vehicles will not be cited.


AreaSide of StreetTimes ProhibitedDays Prohibited
New Dutch HavenBoth8 to 11 amTuesday
Carrier RowBoth8 to 11 amTuesday
Apartment RowNorth9 am to noon1st and 3rd Tuesday
Apartment RowSouth9 am to noon2nd and 4th Tuesday
Old Town EastWest11 am to 2 pm1st and 3rd Tuesday
Old Town WestWest11 am to 2 pm1st and 3rd Tuesday
Old Town WestEast11 am to 2 pm2nd and 4th Tuesday
ParkewoodBoth12:30 pm to 2 pmTuesday
Country SquareBoth8 to 8:30 amFriday
College Park NorthBoth9 am to noonFriday
GreenbrookBoth9 am to noonFriday
HighlandsBoth10 am to 1 pmFriday
Old Dutch HavenBoth11 am to 2 pmFriday
SuburbiaBoth11 am to 2 pmFriday